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HUN | ENG   Trout Circle Association - Pisztráng Kör Egyesület

Trout Circle Waldorf Nature-protective Outdoor Association welcomes you!

Trout Circle Waldorf Nature-protective Outdoor Association (in short: Trout Circle Association) was created in 1998 with the aim of deepening people’s knowledge and love for nature and to foster sustainable and healthy living on our Earth.

Our activities are complex: organizing nature-awareness canoetours and watercamps; running nature school, ecopark, educational centre and hostel; planning and creating of interactive exhibitions in connection with nature; organizing rubbish-collecting days on land and on water; publishing of specialized books and brochures, etc.

During the guided walking tours in the different types of forests you can get to know numerous plant and animal species as well  as their ecological importance.
On our handicraft occupations it is possible to make candles from beeswax, bracelet from the grey-cattle’s skin and balls from the sheep’s wool. At the bank of our Danube-branch you can try goldwashing, the ancient craft of Szigetköz, and archery, the ancient sport with traditional Hungarian reflex bows and arrows.
In the traditional outdoor oven it is possible to bake our own bread from the dough we had kneaded before. Visiting our interactive exhibitions you can discover the secrets of nature, and a lot more...

Our programmes