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Guided canoetours

Arriving the Carpathian-basin, splitting into many romantic branches, Danube has created a huge world of islands. Meandering through the Szigetköz and the neighbouring Csallóköz, Danube has created a waterway network during that is 800 km long.
We organise canoetours both for beginners and the experienced in this wonderfully varied river and tributory system. Our expert guides always show the values of the landscapes and adjust the tours they lead to the demands of the groups, to the weather and to the current water level.
The length of these tours can range from a few hours to one week.
Being habitats of the  Szigetköz we are available for guiding you from March to the end of October every year.
The minimum number of people on a tour is 15 persons or it can be less if the minimum price is paid.
A taste of our canoetours:
  • Canoeing in the branchsystem of Upper-Szigetköz. It is the big favourite! It can be adjusted to every demand and is the best from the aspects of length, difficulty, sights and adventures.
  • Canoetour on Mosoni-Danube from Rajka to Győr or to Vének (105 or 118 km, length is 3-7 days depending on the participants’ skills and strenght)
  • Branchsystem of the Great-Danube from Dunakiliti to Ásványráró (100-130 km, 3-7 days)
  • Small-Danube from Bratislava to Komarno (125 km, 5-7 days)
On our canoetours we provide equipments (canoes, paddles, waterproof plastic barrels and life-jackets) and tourguiding.
Our tourgides are habitats of the Szigetköz who know the area very well and know where it is worth canoeing if we want to see something special. They also know the birds flying around us, the trees standing by the riverbanks as well as stories and legends of the Szigetköz.