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HUN | ENG   Trout Circle Association - Pisztráng Kör Egyesület

Eco-mobil tours

Guided canoe and biking tours for groups on the most romantic Danube-arms and islands of the Szigetköz, or from Hainburg/Bratislava to Szigetköz on the Great-Danube. Duration of the tour is 3-4 hours.

Our eco-mobile fleet have been tried by 1000 guest since we started it in 2013!

We have compiled 13 eco-mobile tours (bike+canoe) that help you to discover the exciting natural wonders of the Szigetköz-Csallóköz-Mosoni plain areas.
  • 1.Tour „Gazfűi-Danube”: Dunasziget-Horse-island-Ecopark: Canoeing: 8,5 km, Biking: 7-12 km, Level of difficulty: 1
  • 2. Tour „Cikolai sidebranch-system”: Ecopark-Kisvesszős wharf-Ecopark: Canoeing: 5-13 km, Biking: 3 km, Level of difficulty: 1-2
  • Guided canoe tour for adults: 25 EUR/person, for students: 15 EUR/person (minimum 100 EUR/group)
  • Guided biking tour for adults: 25 EUR/person, for students: 10 EUR/person (minimum 100 EUR/group)
  • Transport (max. 9 canoes/36 bikes): 1 EUR/km