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HUN | ENG   Trout Circle Association - Pisztráng Kör Egyesület


Team-building is part of the development of companies and is getting more popular. Every activity done together helps to create a better co-operation within the  given community. It also works in the case of friends’ and students’ communities. With team-building we can upgrade the co-operation level and  spend our time actively and with lots of fun!
What we offer:
  • Activities enhancing co-operation
-    Developing survivor abilities in the wild
  • Trust building
  • Improvization
  • Discovering our inner strenght
  • Expanding the limits of our senses
  • Games, games, games...
The point of our programmes is the playful approach. Different groups have different demands so the trainings may be different in some ways, too. We do trainings from a few-hour to a few-day-long according to the wish of the group. The forming of the programmes happen on the base of the demands raising during the previous co-ordinations.
Regular programmes:
- Oriental canoeing teamrace. It is  similar to oriental running but canoeing in teams is more enjoyable and exciting! Referencies: Nestlé, HP, Mountex, lots of schools etc.
- Surviving in the Szigetköz
- Investigation after animals' world
- Trust building games (in pairs and in teams)
- Eyecontact games
- Improvisation games to develop spontainity and laughing-muscles...
These trainings are lead by qualified trainers with a lot of experience.
Yours sincerely: Zoltán Fűzfa and his team