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Wildwatcher boat

Vadleső kishajó
Vadleső kishajó
Vadleső kishajó
The waterworld of the Szigetköz is the paradise of nature-lovers.
Photographers like to stay still and without petrol vapour.
The most ideal vehicle for this is our boat called Wildwatcher: 
  • with electric engine, 4 horsepower!
  • on sunny days there is a solar cell to fill the battery
  • from its cabin we can stay unnoticed to take photos or to sleep
  • the body of the ship is a catamaran for max. safety
  • with light-draught it can fit into shallow waters
  • Renting of the boat: 150 EUR/day, with 200 EUR caution money
  • Boat trip with guide: 80 EUR/hour, 100 EUR/2 hours, 120 EUR/3 hours